IRCTC Website Design Evaluation — Case Study

Concept Design for IRCTC Website

Indian Railways (IR) is India’s national railway system operated by the Ministry of Railways.

Interesting facts about IRCTC website:

IRCTC website is amongst the most viewed web-sites in the world, rankings under 750 top sites worldwide and under 50 top sites in India.

On an average, 4.15 lakhs tickets are booked daily


Internet booking overtakes Traditional Counter booking

The increased use of the internet by people across the country is evident from the fact that the percentage of internet ticketing passengers overtook the percentage of counter ticketing passengers for the first time in 2014–15. From 38.54% share in total passengers in 2011–12, the internet ticketing passengers went up to 54.52% in 2014–15. During the same period, the share of counter ticketing (PRS) passengers went down from 61.46% in 2011–12 to 45.48% in 2014–15.


Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) e-ticketing website was able to book 5.80 lakh e-tickets on March 19. It is the highest ever single day booking.

The earlier highest was on September 2, 2013 when it booked 5.72 lakh e-tickets.

IRCTC’s spokesperson said, presently, the site books more than 4.63 lakh tickets with an average of 9.47 lakh passengers daily as against 3.85 lakh tickets with 6.86 lakh passengers booked daily during 2013.


Great Job !!

Currently, one can feel at ease when they land on the landing page of the IRCTC website. The design is user friendly and provides better user experience.

Though the design is simple and welcoming, I still feel there is a lot of scope for improvement.

What is the Problem ?

I am not a regular user of this website hence I tried to cover the Landing page of the website for my study and research/analysis.

Some of my Key observations:

Current Design Evaluation:


In order to provide a better user experience to the users, here are some tasks that we can try to achieve while designing the new website:

New Design Concept:


Some of the changes that can be made to the website inorder to achieve the above mentioned goals are listed here:


Thank you for Visiting.

Note: This study is only based on my analysis and understanding of user experience design. I am looking forward to breakdown the website at component level in-order to analyse it more clearly from UX point.

You can help me with your suggestions and feedback on my analysis at the comment section.

Happy Reading :)



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